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You'll Shoot Your Kidney Out 2: The Re-Yulening - "A Christmas Story Christmas" with Karbach

Earlier this year, it was announced that the classic Christmas film A Christmas Story was getting an official sequel. And this one was supposed to star the original cast! I was shocked, appalled, and excited all at once. Would this one be any good? How is everyone's acting after all these years? Do I have enough Karbach's Yule Shoot Your Eye Out to make it through? It was time to put my drinking, and this new legacy sequel, to the test.

So buckle up, this is...

A Christmas Story Christmas - Drunk Edition!

Starting off pretty good, I love old school (70s/80s) opening logos. Makes me feel like I'm back in the original.

Classic voice over opening but for parents instead of kids, I like that.

I like how the aesthetic and the color correction makes it still feel like a 70s film. And the facts that it’s till a period piece keeps it charming

Omg OJ with cereal! I have painful memories of late night snacks and trying that. Gross

Still have the fantasies. That’s good showing that even adults have dreams

I like how they literally took elements from the original and planted them here. It reminds us that even adults go through these moments of growth, of dreaming, and of heartbreak

Ahhhh yes, the kid sneaking a peak at the swimsuit and lingerie section of the Sears catalogue. I remember sneaking peaks at those pages when my parents weren’t looking (sorry mom and dad).

Ohhhhh nooooo The Old Man. (Ralphie’s actor) actually gives an excellent performance in this moment

I love the mom (lady from Airplane!)

That snow mobile looked like I could have just stood in front of it and stopped it. Why did you do anything Ralphie


Hey Flick is back!

Holy Shit are these the original Flick and Schwartz?!? (THEY SURE ARE!!)

The Larry Novack gag was good.

Ohhhhh Bactine. Classic

The Carolers lol! “They sang three whole songs before I could brekaway”

The decoraing of the tree is funy, parents getting the kids to do itfor them is classic

RANDY!! Ever te coward. Goo guilting, Ralphie

Are tho he originl elve and Santa?!? (Sadly they are not. But they look damn close.)

Offfff course we ave to have western fantay! Great title to. And the way is shot is good too

“One eyed Jacks” 😂😂😂

Grandma shovin the casrole back into bowl ws amazing.

Ienjoy the jokes of the eople callin the bar. Those are quite good.

Schwartz defnily broke his ass bone on that sled ride.

The broken arm reval!! I called tha Shit!

“In Indianwe say ‘wardrobe.”

The emotinal beats bout te father hit ell.

“Not just shatered, pulvrized.” Ralhie, it’s shattered.

FARKUSSSSS!!! Yes!! He’s theonly on that had a legit caeer after this mvie and he still just as good aever. An his realstc change as a very nice cange o pace and andsweet turn.

Te jail fntasy was pretty great. Love Mark’s British acent. Julie’s eye! 😂😂

Oh Scut, you’re actuly trying. Scut Farks is actuall the bestpart and he levate’s Ralphie’s acting.

That emotional hit of the presents being from grandpa really hit. And the newspaper story does well.

He always knows.

Larry eating all those casseroles was a good gag.

Ending it on the original story was a very nice and charming touch.

The pairni of pictues at he en is also nice.

A Christmas Sorry Christmas doesn’t break new ground. But it really shouldn’t either. It’s not nearly as good as the original (could it ever be?), but it does successfully transport the classic feelings I got watching the original and relating to it as a child, now as an adult. And that’s pretty impressive in its own right. But knowing that the original film is Ralphie telling the story, I do wish it has actually focused on Ralphie doing that instead of being a gigantic lead up. And Ralphie should have shot someone’s eye out. And no one said fuck, or even fudge. But still, it's nice seeing the original actors return, even if they haven't acted in years. And it hits the emotional beats pretty well. And that’s great too. It’s better than it could have been, but not as good as it maybe should have been.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!



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