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The Goofs Recap 2021: Memes - Top 10 Funniest Memes of the Year

These days you can pretty much track a meme to a certain era in social media history. While some vanish and are collecting dust somewhere in the archives, others become evergreen and are engrained in our memories forever - destined to pop up on Twitter feeds until the end of time. Here are some internet favorites from 2021. Do we have a 'keeper'? Only time will tell.



In 2013, this drawing was meant to express how there is always a brighter side. But leave it to Twitter to revive the drawing and make it a meme that emphasizes just how sweet it is to be on the other side. We even had some fun with it!


10. Squid Game

The Netflix show quickly topped the charts in multiple countries, leading to many a meme's creation.


9. Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness 'Wink' (WandaVision)

This is exactly what I mean when I use the winking emoji. With the right caption this meme is a giggle factory.


8. Oprah: Royal Family Interview

Oprah’s face during the royal interview is the epitome of the “WHAT!?” emoji. The complete and utter disgust on her face says it all; no caption needed. You can't even look at it without feeling like you've done something horribly wrong! She's so disappointed in you.


7. The Day Social Media Came to a Halt (For 14 Hours)

The 'Dark Ages'. So many different memes surfaced from this one event, but my favorite is “Depressed Old Man”. It perfectly depicts how many of us felt.


6. Burger King on Twitter - “Women Belong in the Kitchen”

This one is more of a moment in time than it is a meme. The official page for Burger King UK posted “Women Belong in the Kitchen” on International Women's Day via Twitter in an attempt to promote females in the workplace. However, many folks did not take it that way. The post has since been deleted and an apology has been made. I personally love when company sites do silly posts like this.


5. Ted Cruz is Missing

Missing posters for Ted Cruz started to circulate when he decided to take a trip down to Mexico in the midst of a Pandemic. Hilarious.


4. Ted Cruz is Sasquatch

This is the perfect follow up to the Ted Cruz disappearance. They even have the same awkward stride. So THAT'S where he went!


3. How it Started vs. How it's Going

As we enter 2022 still facing the pandemic, it can seem unbelievable that it began back in March of 2020! This meme perfectly describes the mood from before to now. My favorite version is Vision giddy in 2020 and then Vision lifeless in 2021. I think we can all relate.


2. Bernie's Mittens

It’s hard to believe this happened in January 2021. This meme is wholesome, and it has so many different takes and edits to it. There is just something about his attitude in this meme that continues to make me giggle. The pose. The power. The Bernie.


1. The Weeknd's Super Bowl Selfies

If this is not exactly what it looks like when your little sibling or kid gets ahold of your phone I don’t know what is. I laugh out loud every time I see these memes!


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Alexander Williams

Goof Writer

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Entertaining! Well written! Can’t wait to see more!

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