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Top 10 Most Metal Horror Killers

'Tis the season to be scary, spooky, and all manner of macabre! But it’s also the time to embrace horror movies and brutal on-screen deaths! Horror films can be pretty brutal and therefore, logically, pretty metal. So here is a list of the Top 10 Most Metal Horror Killers.

10. Michael Myers

Great White Shark in human form. The original slasher killer. The Boogyman himself. What makes Michael Myers so scary is his utter lack of a personality. He has dead, soulless eyes. You cannot reason with him. No one can tell what he is thinking, or who he will kill next. He is “purely and simply… evil.” THAT is metal AF.


9. Victor Crowley

Victor Crowley from the Hatchet franchise is a wonderful homage to slashers of old. And the fact that he’s played by Jason Voorhees alum Kane Hodder makes it all the better. Kane brings a viciousness to the role, making Victor a force to be reckoned with. Some of the kills in these movies are the most inventive and brutal I’ve ever seen, ranging from beheadings, to literally popping a man’s head open, to a triple chainsaw impalement. Also, look at the mug on this guy. Brutal.


8. Jason Voorhees

Jason may be yet another slasher on the list, but what sets him apart is his sheer brutality. Especially if you watch one of the films where Kane Hodder played Jason (Friday the 13th 7-10). He brought a ferocity to the character that reinvigorated his popularity, and gave Kane a great career in the process. Kane’s take on Jason is responsible for some of the most iconic kills including the sleeping bag death, tree-trimmer kill, and frozen nitrate head shattering.


7. Leatherface

Hunting you down with a chainsaw, skinning you alive, eating your flesh, and all while satirizing the American dream?… Leatherface basically LIVES in a Cannibal Corpse song. And depending on which version you want to go with, he might even eat you while dressed in drag. Leatherface is by far one of the most metal horror characters ever created.


6. Freddy Krueger

Freddy is like the Power Metal of the group. He cuts into your dreams and slices you up in the most brutal ways imaginable. But he does it with speed, energy, and a smile and a laugh. Hell, he’d probably even play a power metal song while impaling you with sharp guitars. Now THAT’S metal!


5. The Ghosts of 13 Ghosts

The beauty of the ghosts from 13 Ghosts is there there are so many to choose from, each more metal than the last! Whether you go with The Bound Woman, The Jackal, The Juggernaut, or The Hammer, you’re guaranteed a brutal time. The ghosts of the film’s mansion feature some of the most brutal backstories and metal designs ever. Welcome to the crew!


4. Damien

Dark hair and clothes? Check. On a mission to upend the establishment? Check. Convincing a woman to commit suicide via mind powers? Check. Son of Satan? Check. You see where I’m going with this? Damien from The Omen is a pretty brutal kid.


3. Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head doesn’t care about your feelings, he doesn’t care about your loved ones, he will rip your skin from your flesh and toss you away like a used apple core. Sporting a massive and rusty blade, and a metal-encased head, there is nothing to reason with. And the psychological implications behind the character’s video game appearances add an even more malicious component to the whole affair.


2. Pazuzu

Foul-mouth defiler of innocence. Slanderer of holy words and names. Pazuzu even pukes on a priest. Yeah, that sounds like a pretty brutal death metal song. Enough said.


1. Pinhead

Pinhead and his crew of Cenobites take the award for Most Metal Horror Killer. I mean, just look at him. Nails in his face, flesh pulled apart, leather straps. The dude came dressed for the part. And his whole crew has come to back him up, looking as S&M’y as they possibly could. And that philosophy of pain for pleasure? Well that fits right in among the most savage of death metal songs. “What is your pleasure sir?”

Happy Spook Month Everyone!



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