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Brett’s Flix Handy Dandy Guide to Ratings

Curious about what each number on the rating scale means? Well here is a quick reference guide to Brett’s rating system!

10) MASTERPIECE - A perfect film experience.

9) AMAZING - A near perfect film, let down by only a few very minor complaints or personal choice differences.

8) GREAT - A film that may have a few flaws, but is still well made and is highly enjoyable.

7) GOOD - It may have a few too many flaws, but it tries hard and is still an enjoyable film.

6) ALRIGHT/ABOVE AVERAGE - One or two things help it stand above the average film, but that’s all.

5) OK/AVERAGE - Neither good, nor bad. An average film experience.

4) NOT THAT GOOD - A film that may have a few elements keeping it from completely falling apart, but not much else.

3) BAD - Not a lot works, but at least general structure and/or filmmaking techniques are present.

2) TERRIBLE - A film that really struggles to bring even mild enjoyment in both the entertainment and filmmaking departments.

1) A WASTE OF TIME - No one knows what they are doing. Don’t bother.

0) KILL ME. KILL ME NOW - An offensive film (in technique and/or content) that should never exist.



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