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10 Of The Worst Sequels Ever Made

Making a sequel can be hard, we all know that. But some sequels just COMPLETELY miss the mark. We’ve told you about the 10 BEST sequels here, so why don’t we pair it with the 10 WORST sequels.

10. The Sandlot 2

Why? Just… why? The first film is such a wonderful tale about the summer of your youth. The sequel just kind of… exists. It has no energy and doesn’t know what it wants to do. So it basically just ends up repeating the first film. They didn’t even bother getting the same actors. The boys from the Sandlot deserved so much better than this follow-up.


9. The Exorcist II: Heretic

The first film is one of the finest horror films ever put on camera. It’s not only an amazing horror film, but an amazing film all around. The second is not. Not even close. It completely misses the point of the first film and doubles down on the effects and gore. Even the returning Linda Blair and a totally game James Earl Jones couldn’t save this film.


8. Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House

Stop you guys. Just stop. This sequel tries to appeal to fans of the first two, by bringing back the McCallister. But none of the actors returned, making it feel much cheaper. But French Stewart is here. He tries. But in a film franchise called Home Alone, you would expect the child to be… you know… HOME ALONE. Nope. Parents are home nearly the entire film. Shake my damn head.


7. A Christmas Story 2

Is nothing sacred? Another brilliant family comedy from the 1980s sullied by a straight-to-DVD sequel. None of the original cast comes back. But honestly, these characters are so far removed from their original counterparts you might as well call this something else. It doesn’t even both trying to give you something new, instead just recycling jokes that were executed much better in the first film. Skip it.


6. Son of the Mask

Look, Jamie Kennedy has his charms, but he’s no Jim Carrey. The Mask was one of the biggest comedic hits of the 1990s, and did incredibly well in the box office. But when you take Jim out of the equation, and pair it with this script, you’re going to run into problems. Even the Tom & Jerry inspired rivalry between the dog and baby couldn’t save this one. It’s an offense to the comedic charm of Carrey’s original.


5. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

The film that killed the Superman franchise for decades. The budget was slashed partway through filming which resulted in some horrendous special effects, including repeating the same flying shot about six times and a very obvious black curtain backdrop on the moon. The plot is about as well put together, featuring Lex Luthor stealing a piece of Superman’s hair and throwing it in the sun to create Radioactive Man, who’s powers including being born with an already complete spandex outfit, and extendable finger nails. Watch out, Superman!


4. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

One would think in a film titled Book of Shadows, part of the plot would revolve around said book. Or at least ANY book. But alas, those of us with active brain cells have been let down again. First, the film abandons the found-footage format that made the first film work so well. Then it throws paper characters into an incredibly convoluted and confusing storyline that doesn’t make any sense. Great sequel, guys.


3. Highlander 2: The Quickening

The film Sean Connery wants you to forget he was in. The first Highlander is a truly original sci-fi/fantasy film that established clear rules about its lore. And then this sequel came out and threw all the rules out the window. Highlanders aren’t immortals, they’re aliens. I’ll say that again, they’re ALIENS. The only saving grace is an unintentionally funny scene in which Sean Connery’s character freaks out on his first airplane ride.


2. Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

Now, the first Joe Dirt wasn’t exactly a masterpiece, but it had some genuinely funny moments, and enough heart to make sure you weren't completely wasting your time. I didn’t expect the sequel to blow my socks off… but I also did not expect it to be THIS bad. There isn’t a real plot, things just kind of happen randomly while trying to shoehorn in as many references to other movies as possible. Simply saying a line from an existing film, doesn’t make it funny. It’s like the script was written in 2002 and never got a re-haul. This film is literally so bad, you could study it.


1. Troll 2

This is the Godfather: Part II of bad movies sequels. Troll 2 has absolutely nothing to do with the first film. It actually doesn’t even feature a single troll! But what it does feature, is some of the most hilariously bad acting, writing, and cinematography you’ve ever seen. This film is so terrible, it’s actually kind of amazing. “Oh my God!”



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