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Top Shows Some Millennials May Have Forgotten About Pt. 3

Third time's the charm, right? Last time we brought shows like Wishbone, As Told By Ginger and Invader Zim back from the grave. So grab your shovel, and strap in for Round 3 of television shows you may have forgotten about.


7. Catdog (RIP 1998-2001)

*Smokes Weed* Creator: So there’s a cat and a dog and they're both connected…

Nickelodeon head: And?

Stoned Creator: That’s it..

Nickelodeon head: Brilliant. Let’s run it.


6. PB&J Otter (RIP 1998-2000)

Just a couple of otters living their best lives while teaching us life lessons. How can you not fall in love?


5. Rolie Polie Olie (RIP 1998-2004)

Robots slowly taking over the world. I’m a human, don’t tell me what to do! This show was a classic and little Rolie is utterly adorable. You should definitely revisit.


4. Yu-Gi-Oh! (RIP 2001-2006 *English Version*)

Technically this was the second anime based on the manga, but this was the one that became so popular in America. This was a weird era because cards controlled our lives. This, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. Like I woke up in cold sweats because Dark Magician wasn’t in my deck!


3. (Blue Clues (RIP 1996-2002)

We know this is technically still airing, but to us, nothing compares to the original. Take out your thinking pad and think… think….think. So trivial, but we soaked this shit up. Blue was the original Dora. Steve is just an OG.


2. Sabrina the Teeange Witch (RIP 1996-2003)

This was one of the reasons I was always home for TGIF. One of the origins of the sad boy/girl teenage fantasy series. There’s no Bella Swan without Sabrina Spellman. The rebooted series is great, but very different. I also had the biggest crush on Melissa Joan Heart. She will forever be my Sabrina.


1. Kenan and Kel (RIP 1996-2000)

One question for you. Who loves Orange Soda? This is an iconic show. And one that gave us the classic 90s film Good Burger. Overlooked, but this created the SNL superstar - Kenan Thompson


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