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Top Shows Some Millennials May Have Forgotten About Pt. 1

Have you ever been perusing the interwebs and happen to stumble across a show from your childhood that your brain simply erased with no explanation? I’m talking brief, but vital, moments of television gold robbed from your memory! Here are a few from that graveyard we feel are deserving of a headstone visit. Lost and ALMOST forgotten.

1. The Brothers García

Narrated by John Leguizamo, this series was actually billed as the FIRST English-language sitcom to have an all Latino cast and creative team!

RIP 2000-2004


2. Kids Next Door

I’ve always wanted to be an official member, and live in that tree house. I suppose now it’s too late...

RIP 1998-2008


3. Bear In The Big Blue House

I can still hear this lovable bear singing ‘The Goodbye Song’ to the moon at night...

RIP 1997 - 2006


4. Pepper Ann

It’s a FACT...she was much too cool for seventh grade.

RIP 1997-2000


5. Summerland

Convict Lori Loughlin, Jesse McCartney and a gapped-tooth Zac Efron (pre High School Musical) take on the challenges of being white in California. IDK...made me want to surf.

RIP 2004-2005


6. The Famous Jett Jackson

Cody Banks, please step aside, this was my favorite teenage secret agent.

RIP Lee Thompson Young 1984 - 2013

RIP ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’ 1998 -2001


7. Animorphs

Huge book series, not so successful Nickelodeon Sci-Fi show. But kids turning into creatures...fighting aliens...always fun.

RIP 1998-1999


8. Gullah Gullah Island

Binyah Binyah Polliwog FOR LIFE!

But...not really

RIP 1994-1998


9. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

This one features an armpit holding his own eyeballs…

RIP 1994 -1997


10. Dinosaurs

A sitcom about dinosaurs. Gotta love the baby! Way ahead of its time...yet much like its characters, extinct.

RIP 1991 - 1994


Hi there, Face here, letting you know that Part 2 is in the works!



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