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The Most Re-watchable TV Shows

You’re laying in bed late at night or hungover on a Sunday afternoon. In the days of yester-year, you would just turn on the TV and throw yourself at the whims of re-run fate. But now, we have to make hard decisions…which show can you put on that guarantees no stress when you see that “next episode” button pop up. Here are the most re-watchable shows of all time.

The Office

The epitome of a re-watchable show. So satisfying and always keeps us coming back for more…that’s what she said.



We all know how it ends and yet we can’t stop ourselves from being caught up in the will-they won’t-they of Rachel and Ross. Plus, the show is so densely packed with one-liners you’re guaranteed to catch something new with each re-watch.


That 70's Show

Pure nostalgia-porn for an era we never lived in. There's something so soothing about watching the gang worry about trivial stuff like taking the family car and hiding illicit drug use from their parents.


Breaking Bad

Vince Gillian wrote his ass off with this series. between the flashbacks, foreshadowing, and nail-bitingly suspenseful present moments there’s always something new to unpack in this crazy timeline.



The jokes per minute, the lovable characters, the surprisingly deep subject material. Put on any episode at any time and you’re guaranteed a fun watch. And the paintball episodes tho!


New Girl

This show is friendship personified (sorry Friends). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll consider moving to CA to live with a crew of quirky strangers.



Whatever weird human instinct keeps your eyes glued to a car accident is the same thing that will keep you coming back to this show. You want the Gallaghers to quit screwing up so badly…and yet they never do.


Rick and Morty

This show is a theoretical science and philosophy lecture rolled into one and disguised as a dumb cartoon. You came for Pickle Rick but you’ll rewatch for quotes like “Weddings are basically funerals with cake.”


The Sopranos

This show has the same appeal as classic gangster movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas. Plus, maybe if we watch it enough we’ll finally understand the EFFIN' ENDING!!!


Parks and Recreation

Chris Pratt’s character arc as Andy is enough to justify watching this show several times over. Besides that, you’re always guaranteed a gem of a Jean Ralphio appearance you forgot about.


Criminal Minds

With longer episodes and deeper character development, Criminal Minds barely ekes out Law and Order for crime shows with high re-watch value. And we have to mention the cast of rotating villains that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.


The Simpsons

This one stands on its own. The Simpsons boast a long list of historical records including being the longest running prime time scripted series in history. Fans will be poring through old episodes for years for hints from time-traveling show creator Matt Groening on what the future holds.



A show so iconic that boomers and millennials alike can refer to their favorite episodes by title. The non-adventures of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer provide the perfect background noise for your entire life.


South Park

This is fun one to re-visit due to the shows ability to be completely current in multiple decades. South Park provides a hysterical glimpse into the current events surrounding each episode.


Chappelle's Show

Arguably, the most quotable tv show of all time. And, now that its streaming on Netflix, we’ll be seeing a whole new generation of kids yelling: “I’m Rick James B*&ch!”


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

You can love to hate them all you want, but the gang handedly handled the gas crisis, solved the North Korea situation, and went America all over everybody's ass!



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