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Is This The Future of The Harry Potter Universe?

With the recasting and downright failure of the Fantastic Beast series, The Holy Goof is saying scrap it. We have a better concept. If the success of the Mandalorian has taught us anything, it’s that TV can be as good a home as cinema for such a vast fantastic universe. With that in mind, and the recent partnership with HBO and Warner Bros, it’s the perfect time for a Marauders series. We want the romance of Lily and James, we want the brotherhood between him and Sirius, the betrayal of Peter Pettigrew, we want the initial RISE of the Dark Lord, and the struggle of the young werewolf within Lupin..HBO MAX hear us out...

Here’s our brief pitch: Through a series of flashbacks the show will cover The Marauders both through their younger years as new students at Hogwarts, and as young adults grappling with a changing world and the rise of a young Voldemort. We've casted a whole slew of characters

but this article will be a tease of the first three.

Without further ado, here is out first round of wizards...many more to come. (Wands out in the comments if you can do better.)

Lucius Malfoy

Young Lucius: David Mazouz (Gotham) - Yes, he plays a budding caped crusader but the trademark Malfoy smirk is there.

Older Lucius: Alexander Ludiwig (Vikings) - We’ve seen him brutal and desperate, as a Nordic War Lord. We can easily see him as a soldier in the Dark Lord’s army


Severus Snape

Young Snape: Kodi Smit-McPhee (X-Men) - As Nightcrawler we’ve seen the strange gangly outcast that we know Snape would’ve been.

Older Snape: Richard Harmon (The 100) - Just the right dose of angst and crow like facial features to make this fit.


Sirius Black

Young Sirius: Jack Dylan Grazer (IT) - Cheeky smart- ass. Just look at that face, what more can we say?

Older Sirius: Robert Shehan (Umbrella Academy) - ✔️Quirkyness ✔️Prison Tats ✔️Occasional moments of bravery


Stay tuned for our next round

Mischief Managed...



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