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Devices for Hearts: A Poem

What the hell happened out there? I haven’t dated in a long time and it’s almost like a whole new world. Maybe everyone is slowly sinking in the same boat of self-induced depression, or maybe it’s the fact that if we didn’t have our phones we wouldn’t know how to meet someone new. We are a species dependent on social connection slowly becoming dependent on cellular connection. We are a species once addicted to lust and love, now becoming addicted to views and likes. What the hell happened out there?

Devices for Hearts

Was dating always so impossibly hard to cope with?

I’m starting to think love is a far-fetched myth.

It always seems to end in my broken heart.

I give my all just to be torn apart.

I fear that no woman out there can provide for what I crave.

I fear that I’ll be met with reject and I fail to be brave.

I fear that people have forgotten what love even means

Unless it consists of our stupid texting machine.

Swipe left, swipe right, swipe left. Delete.

Once again here comes that feeling of defeat.

Perhaps I’m the problem.

Over-thinking and full of self-loathsome.

Why do I so easily fall in love

Only to be requited with a lack thereof?

Am I doomed with a curse?

Am I stuck in a state of perverse?

If there were an award for losing I would win

Because I just keep messing things up again and again.

There are about a million fish in the sea

But not a single fish that could satisfy me.

A lonely man at sea, for what’s a boat with no sailor

Un-seamed inside, for what’s a man with no tailor?

When did dating become so hard?

Perhaps it was the day we swapped a device for a heart.


Alexander Williams

Goof Writer


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