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Do You Ever Think About...?

There are so many things we use, say, or do in everyday life I can’t help but question. Question its validity, origin, or cause. I find myself day after day asking myself and others, “Do you ever think about…”

For instance, do you ever think about language? Language is obviously used as a way of communication, language can be traced back to the tower of Babel as told in the Bible, or if you choose to not believe in that then there is the idea that there was one language and as people spread they developed new words or ways to say them, much like accents we now all know. Regardless of how it all started, do you ever think about how all words in any language are just us as a people making random noises with our mouths that we just identify with an image or thing. It's all just a bunch of gibberish that we have learned to hear in a certain way so that our brains can process it and make sense of it...weird.

Color is another thing I've thought about many times. We all know what red, blue or yellow look like, right? But, do you ever think, what if I see red as red but you see red as I see blue but know it as red just like I do? We all know that the Chevrolet bowtie emblem is blue. But, what if I know that it’s blue but my blue looks like your yellow? Think about it...

Food is another one I think about pretty often. Not processed or man made foods, but natural, from the earth grown foods. Think about bananas or broccoli for instance. Do you ever think, who was the first person to eat this? Who grabbed a banana off a tree and thought, “hmm, i’ll put this in my mouth.” Did they bite it and think, this is good but, maybe better if i peel it? Did someone grab a head of broccoli off the ground bite it and think…”well this is pretty dry and bland but I bet if I put it in some water to soften it up then cook it and throw some butter in there, it’ll be great!” Coffee might be the one I think about the most. The beans were obviously almost inedible, but who had the idea to grind them up, run some hot water through them, then drink the brown runoff leftovers? Gross...but I’m sure glad they did!

Maybe life would be simpler if we didn’t think about and question things in life. We could just accept everything for the way it is and never have a care in the world. But, where's the fun in that? Real change happens when people begin to question the way things have always been, not that any of the above questions are going to change the world in any way, shape, or form, but it makes life a little more enjoyable. Critical thinking has to start somewhere so why not start with something light, whether or not your friends will think you’re high when you ask them “Do you ever think about…?”



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