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Disney Songs That Will Forever SLAP!

We all know that Disney has been making bangers for decades, but there are some that just go harder than others. We’re not talking building snowmen or dancing with talking kitchen appliances here. These are the ones that make you bounce.

Here are 5 of our favorite bops.

5. Mulan - ‘I'll Make A Man Out Of You’

Put this song on during your next run...I DARE YOU!


“Tranquil as a forest but on fire within

Once you find your center, you are sure to win.”


4. Lion King - ‘Be Prepared’

This is Scar truly in his bag.


I know that your powers of retention

Are as wet as a warthog's backside

But thick as you are, pay attention

My words are a matter of pride”


3. Jungle Book - ‘Bear Necessities’

Nothing but bear facts. Baloo’s rhyme scheme may be over your head.


“Now when you pick a pawpaw

Or a prickly pear

And you prick a raw paw

Well next time beware

Don't pick the prickly pear by the paw

When you pick a pear

Try to use the claw

But you don't need to use the claw

When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw”


2. Hercules - ‘Zero to Hero’

Gospel. This gives you catching the holy spirit vibes!


“From appearance fees and royalties

Our Herc had cash to burn

Now nouveau riche and famous

He could tell you

What’s a Grecian earn.”


1. Aristocats - ‘Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat’

A dog could never!

Best Bar:

“A square with a horn makes you wish you weren't born

Every time he plays

Oh, a rinky-tinky-tinky

With a square in the act you can set music back

To the caveman days”




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