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The Goofs Recap 2022: Memes - Top 5 Most Memorable Memes of the Year

2022 was a banger year for memes. We got "Morbin; Time", the Will Smith Slap, and plenty others that raked celebrities and pop culture over the coals. But which ones stood out the most? Which ones will stand the test of time? Listed here are the Top 5 most Memorable Memes of 2022.


5. Corn Kid

"It’s Corn!" Never have I ever seen someone so excited about corn. But it was a wonderful day on the internet when this wholesome video made its way to the top. Many remixes and memes were created from the corn kid and even a hilarious chipotle commercial was made!


4. 50 Cent Forgot His Age

At the 56th Super Bowl halftime show 50 Cent made an appearance after a long absence from the public mainstream. The choreographer decided his entrance needed to be grand, so 50 hung upside down and rapped his first few lines as all of the blood in his body rushed to his head. It made for some great memes, but regardless, it happens to be the best half time show in my lifetime (or the worst for the boomers who were watching).


3. Drake's the Type...

After another questionable song by Drake (featuring 21 Savage) was released where he flamboyantly repeated “21 can you do something for me” over and over, many memes started popping up to take the piss out of the rapper. Drake's had no shortage of online hate in the past, but this time the internet got him good.


2. "Morbin' Time!"

You knew it was coming. We HAD to mention it. After years of prep and almost losing the film altogether, Jared Leto had high hopes for the Morbius movie, and while I enjoyed it, the internet did not. Jokes about the corniness of the movie aroused, quickly turning the entire movie into a total meme. Sony even re-released the movie in theatres after seeing it was trending, but they weren’t in on the joke... making the movie flop a SECOND time. But that just added more value to the meme.


1. The Will Smith Slap

At the 2022 Oscars, Chris Rock dropped a mild alopecia joke directed at Jada Pickett-Smith. Her husband, Will Smith, took it upon himself (after receiving the look of death from his wife) to slap Chris Rock SO hard that HE got alopecia. This was the most exciting things to happen at any award show since Kanye’s famous rant during Taylor Swift’s speech (and no this Kanye rant was not anti-Semitic). After the renowned moment, thousands of different memes began circulating the internet, from the reactions to the slap itself. And Will Smith has yet to fully recover in the zeitgeist.


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Alexander Williams

Goof Writer


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