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Alexander's Top 5 Favorite Scenes from The Hobbit Trilogy

Bilbo, Thorin, Gandalf, Smaug. Say these names and there could only possibly be one book, one adventure that you could referencing. And that one adventure got split up into three grandiose films. Has it already been 10 years since the first chapter of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy first came to theaters? It has! And while it doesn’t hold up quite as well as his The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I think it is safe to say the movies are still some of the most fun you can have watching a film. Or three.

The films are filled with adventure, whimsy (maybe even too much at times), and plenty of amazing action scenes. But with 10 year between The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, why are the graphics so inferior to the predeceasing trilogy? Nonetheless, they are great movies and these are my picks for Top 5 Favorite Scenes from The Hobbit trilogy.


5. Nothing Elks Matters

In the midst of war, King Thranduil (the king of the Woodland Elves) rides upon his massive, mighty Elk. Seeing Thranduil slaughtering the enemy is just plain badass; there is really no other way to say it. Though it was surprising to see the Elven King finally do something other than abandon those in need. Good on you, Thranduil!


4. The Misty Mountains Cold

The beautiful harmony of the Dwarves singing Misty Mountains in Bilbo's quaint home on the hill gives me chills every time and sweeps me right into Thorin and the rest of the Dwarves’ souls. It sets the mood for the rest of the trilogy and tells not only the past of the kingdom under the mountain but the future that awaits them there as well. Not every great scene is an action scene! And don’t pretend you don’t get goosebumps and sing along every time. I know you do.


3. Thorin Returns

Just as Thorin starts creeping up on the edge of insanity, he is finally blessed with a very symbolic vision and begins to come to his senses. The voices of his past haunt him as liquid gold flows below him (like the blood that will soon be shed in his ignorance). While it’s stunning to see, it is also the moment Thorin finally reverts back to his old self and marks the beginning of an emotional roller coaster ride that lasts for the remainder of the movie.


2. Bilbo and Gollum

It's one of the most classic scenes in literature, and Peter adapted it perfectly for the screen. Bilbo convinces Gollum to play a game of riddles with his flesh on the line. This scene toes the line between funny and high stakes tension. It makes me go from laughing to serious to laughing to... you get the point. And it all ends with Bildo finding the item that will mark the destiny of all of Middle-Earth: the One Ring. However, one question remains: why does Gollum still look better in The Lord of the Rings trilogy 10 years earlier?


1. The Mighty Smaug and a Burglar

Bilbo finally meets his fate as a burglar searching for the Arken stone in the mountains of gold. But something lurks and slithers among the treasures. Bilbo uses his wits, and the ring, (yet again) to avoid his desolation by the mighty Smaug. He manages to stay hidden in the wraith world, temporarily, until he is forced talk his way out of trouble. One thing Peter Jackson has done right from the start is dragons. Smaug is stunning and terrifying!



Alexander Williams

Goof Writer


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