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Action Scenes in the Jurassic Franchise That Make Me Roar

Is there anything better than seeing beloved members of the Jurassic World make the same prehistoric mistake over and over? Constantly making new dinosaurs that could wipe out humanity and always returning to the islands where they are. If anything, I always return just to see how finely Jeff Goldblum had aged this time. But seeing dinosaurs come to life on the big screen is unlike any other cinematic experience there is. We have gotten many awesome Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies over the years. These are 10 of the best action scenes in the entire series. I could have included basically every scene on this list because the series is so action-packed, but I restrained myself (and I'm sure Jurassic World: Dominion will add a few more to the list!)

So grab your Barbasol cans and join me on Isla Nublar and Sorna!


10. Cat and Mouse

(Jurassic Park)

Timmy and Lex play a very suspenseful game of cat and mouse with a few Velociraptors inside of the welcome center. The raptors are so terrifying and prove they have their wits about them in this scene until Timmy finally locks one in the freezer. Suspense is an understatement for the feeling you get watching the children hide from the Velociraptors and barely survive every turn.


9. The Charge of the Raptors

(Jurassic World)

Owen and the team skeptically follow Blue and the Raptor squad into the forest to find and eliminate the elusive Indominus Rex. Seeing Owen fly through the forest on his motorcycle at the same speed as his Raptor friends is heartwarming and always puts a big smile on my face. Until my jaw is forced to drop at the end of the scene.


8. Indoraptor vs. Blue

(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

This scene starts off as a child's nightmare as the Indoraptor lurks over a young girl in bed. When the Indoraptor proves to be too difficult for Owen and Claire to defeat alone, Owen's smartest Raptor trainee, Blue, shows up to save the day. The two very unequally matched dinosaurs face off in a battle that takes them to the glass roof until the underdog stands victorious over the Indoraptor's kabobed body, roaring ferociously.


7. Indominus Rex vs. Rexy

(Jurassic World)

The camouflaged and intelligent Indominus Rex proves to be impossible for Owen and his raptors to defeat. So Claire must step in to save the day and make a very courageous move by luring the T-Rex (lovingly nicknamed "Rexy") into the fight. The massive beasts fight to the death in a battle of prehistoric gods. How could any nerd not be in awe over this scene?


6. “Nobody move a muscle.”

(Jurassic Park III)

Our hapless flight crew thinks they've finally made it to safety after narrowly escaping the newest dinosaur on InGen's list, the Spinosaurus (one of my favorite dinosaurs), only to run into a feeding T-Rex! “Nobody move a muscle,” warns Dr. Alan Grant, but of course no one listens. As if being chased by the massive beast wasn't hard enough already, the gang runs back into the equally massive Spino! After an epic (but quick) battle, the Spinosaurus proves to be the new king of Isla Sorna.


5. Aviary Attack

(Jurassic Park III)

Watching giant pteranodons instinctually defend their young in a massive aviary practically scared me to death the first time I saw it; officially classifying pteranodons as scarier than a T-Rex. But this scene has always been too intense to look away from. The puppetry and CGI are excellent. And Billy’s sacrifice will always be remembered.


4. Cliff Hanger Trailer

(The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

When Dr. Sarah Harding decides to take an infant T-rex back to the work trailer to reset a fractured leg, the T-rex parents were not very appreciative. They get their child to safety and then quickly return for their revenge, sending the trailer plummeting from a cliff with everyone still in it and leaving me on the edge of my seat for a very suspenseful action scene. One of my favorite one-liners from Jeff Goldblum, “Mommy’s very angry”, makes this scene even better.


3. Flight of the Pteranodon

(Jurassic World)

When the I-Rex breaks open the aviary, it's feeding time for all the pterodactyls, pteranodons, and dimorphodons inside. These flying reptiles run rampant on the theme park snatching up as many civilians as they can. This scene is like the prehistoric version of Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds. It manages to be suspenseful, fast-paced, and extremely terrifying. My mom, who is terrified of birds, did not enjoy this scene as much!


2. Volcano Run

(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

As Owen and his friends run from an erupting volcano, they must avoid getting trampled by almost every dinosaur on the island. This scene is visually stunning from start to finish as lava flows and fireballs fall from the sky. This scene really shows that even these giant creatures fear death. There is something about seeing dinosaurs falling into the ocean around the Gyrosphere that is so mesmerizing (hopefully they can swim).


1. “Where’s the goat?”

(Jurassic Park)

When the children realize that the goat feeder is missing, they look frantically to accidentally witness the T-rex eating the goat gruesomely. Without realizing the electric fence had been turned off, everyone begins to panic, making matters increasingly worse. The T-rex quickly realizes that he can now move through the fence and feast on a bigger meal, PEOPLE! I would have loved to have seen how this would’ve played out if John Hammond HAD opened the park to the public.


Alexander Williams

Goof Writer


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