10 Minor Characters That Should've Gotten More Shine

Some minor characters are stars and they SHINE through in certain roles. Here are ten that deserve WAY more credit.

Parks & Recreation – Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

“I Made Money The Old Fashioned Way. I Got Run Over By A Lexus."

When Jean-Raphio makes an appearance you HAVE to get excited for the scene. Class, Charisma, Charm….he’s got it all.


Wheezy - Toy Story 2

This penguin has lung cancer but he provides such a wonderful musical element to this film


Tails - Sonic

Where would our fast-moving hedgehog be without his reasonable buddy?


Luna Lovegood - Harry Potter

Call her ‘Loony’ ALL you want. She saved their asses. I subscribe to the Quibbler…


Game of Thrones – Tormund Giantsbane

I mean...who doesn’t love this red headed wilding. The free folk need to be acknowledged.


Teddy - Bob’s Burgers

Bob….Bob...Bob…? Teddy is a friend you never thought you needed...


Merry and Pippin - LOTR

The dynamic duo got lost in Frodo and Sam’s tiny shadows....They are the pride of The Shire.


Rocket Power - Twister

He was also totally tubular…..Otto just never allowed him to prosper.


2. Mose - The Office

Nobody knows Mose...and we all want to. The only man stranger than Dwight Schrute...I demand more.


Gunther - Friends

Serial killer vibes….perhaps. I need more of this story.

‘The One Where Gunther Stabs Ross Repeatedly in the neck’



Parks & Recreation – Li’l Sebastian

The mini horse that stole our hearts