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These films SHOULD have won Best Picture

Well, the Academy Awards have come and gone, and every year there are films that maybe deserved the golden statue more than the ones that actually received it. We know not every film nominated for Best Picture can win, but sometimes we just completely disagree with the winner. So, here is our list of films nominated for Best Picture that didn’t win, but SHOULD have.


5. (2018) BlacKkKlansman

Spike Lee has a real way with story. He is somehow able to juggle two completely different and competing tones in a way that makes it feel natural and logical. BlacKkKlansman is no different. This film swings wildly from laugh-out-loud funny to extremely sobering and somber. It’s an incredible and utterly unique film experience filled with memorable performances and edge of your seat action that is as entertaining as it is harrowing. And the message of the story remains as powerful today as it was for the people it was made about.


4. (2015) The Revenant

This film blew me away. The acting is beyond fantastic, with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy pulling in some of the best performances of their careers. The story is intense and captivating. And the cinematography is breathtaking. Alejandro Inarritu braved dangerous winter storms to give us incredible natural landscapes untouched by digital artists. The scope and breadth of this film is astounding. Simply put, it’s drama is gripping and it looks stunning.


3. (2013) The Wolf of Wall Street

Another one with Leonardo DiCaprio! This is probably one of Scorsese’s best films, and will be lost in history for not receiving an award it so rightly deserved. Leo is fantastic in playing such a likeable douchebag. Jonah Hill also deserves supporting actor credit for being the drug addict we all know and love.


2. (2010) Black Swan

Darin Aronosky is a genius filmmaker and Black Swan is no exception. This film is layered in such a refined way, I find new things every time I watch it. Natalie Portman’s performance is stunning. Aronoskfy’s cinematography adds a slick, disturbing edge to the violent and sexual tale. This is a film that demands every bit of watching energy, climaxing in a spectacular finale that is equal parts beautiful and horrifying in both a visual, and psychological sense.


1. (2005) The Butterfly Effect

Yes, I’m jumping out the window with this one. F*%K Million Dollar Baby. Ashton Kutcher pulls off his best performance ever. No Kelso comedic satire character, an actual human being. Do you know how hard it is to pull off a serious film about time travel? The Butterfly Effect executed this perfectly and gave us a story that was simultaneously sad and beautiful.



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