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Best Christmas Specials

‘Tis the Season! The Holidays are rampant with holly jolly celebrations within the media. Throughout the decade we’ve witnessed creators develop their own yuletide themes in their December episodes. Here are the Holy Goof’s best ‘Holiday Themed’ specials on TV.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A Very Sunny Christmas (2009)

“Did you f%&k my mom, Santa Claus?”

The gang realizes that their childhood is compromised.

Charlie’s Christmas is ruined when he realizes that his mom is a whore.


The Office

Dwight Christmas - Season 9, Episode 9

“Judgement is nigh, for the Belsnickel ist’ I!”

Belsnickel > Santa

Dwight Shrute provides us with a tradition that truly rivals the norm.


Arrested Development

Afternoon Delight - Season 2, Episode 6

“Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight!”

Michael performs a ballad of, "Afternoon Delight", with his niece. Need we say more?


Black Mirror

White Christmas - Season 2, Episode 4

Mad Man, Jon Hamm facilitates a detrimental romance. ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’



Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas - Season 2, Episode 11

Troy and Abed on Christmas Mornin’!


Master of None

Thanksgiving - Season 2, Episode 8

Gay season…it gets awkward... BUT brilliant writing.



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