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"Anglerfish" by Starry & the Bad Host

"Anglerfish", the newest single from musical artist Starry & the Bad Host, is a welcome dip into the waters of an upbeat indietronica/synthpop ocean. The catchy synth riffs and optimistic instrumentation will draw you in, but the raw vulnerability hidden within the lyrics will stick with you. The chorus hits hard with the line "Don't I deserve love just like everyone else?" which appears suddenly like the titular anglerfish to sink its teeth in and leave a mark. This song is a great follow up to the artists previous track Wrung out and Pitted and we're very excited to hear what's next.


Anglerfish drops on all platforms 3/25! CLICK HERE TO PRE-SAVE ON SPOTIFY Find out more about Starry & the Bad Host below and stay tuned for a future Mad Ones feature!


Who is Starry & the Bad Host?

Here is an excerpt from the artist's website: "‘Starry & the Bad Host’ represents the two parts of me; the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of my being. While I have the brightest light the world has ever seen burning within me, I myself love to mess it all up every chance that I get.

With A Simon and Garfunkel upbringing and a Pop Punk youth, you might catch the occasional splash of pretension and angst in my songs, but you will be pacified by heavy synth, energetic drums, and thoughtful lyrics."


Where can people listen?

For more info, check out the artist's website here.



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