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Alexander's Top 10 Most Epic DC Movie Moments

There are many, many great DC movies filled with many great scenes. From animated films like Batman: Death in the Family to live-action films like The Suicide Squad (the real one not the first one). There are a million to choose from (around 110 in actuality). But these are my Top 10 most epic DC movie scenes of all time.


10. Superman Gives Himself Brain Surgery (Superman: Doomsday 2007)

After Doomsday kills the real Superman, Lex Luthor makes a clone from the Kryptonian's DNA fitted with a piece of Kryptonite encased in lead in his brain. When the clone Superman finds this out the truth, he uses his heat vision and a mirror to conduct brain surgery on himself; making the clone more badass than the original in an instant. I’m glad to see a more dark twist in even DC’s earlier animated films.


9. Batman Sees the Future (Zack Snyder's Justice League 2021)

At the end of Zack Snyder’s film, we see a glimpse into the future through Bruce Wayne’s dream premonition. There are a few fun cameos from villains like Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello) and Jared Leto’s Joker (looking much less cheesy). It would seem that the future heroes and villains will have to team up when Superman succumbs to Darkseid; killing at his will. I would love to see that storyline play out in the future. #SnyderVerse


8. Batman Saves Martha (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition 2016)

When the Batfleck and the Man of Steel discover that their mothers share the same name, Martha (the silliest things ever, but works somehow) in the middle of a battle to the death, Batman agrees to save Superman’s Martha. The fight scene is brutal and reminds me of the Batman video games. He is unforgiving, to say the least, really taking his veneagence out on those criminals' bones. And one of the few times Batman has killed people in a DC movie (most people forget he also killed in Tim Burton's films). But most importantly, this scene also lets Batman thematically save his own mother, which is probably pretty cathartic for the Caped Crusader. This movie sounds absolutely terrible when writing about it, but I actually enjoy the Extended version a lot.


7. Bane Breaks the Bat’s Back (The Dark Knight Rises 2012)

In an epic battle in which Bane (Tom Hardy) only seems to exude 10% of his energy, Christian Bale’s Batman takes the ultimate beating (while also receiving a revealing monologue) from the villain. After Bane destroys Batman, he uses a Mortal Kombat finishing move and breaks the hero’s back over his knee, like a rag doll. This was one of the most brutal fight scenes of all time and it is only the early climax of the film.


6. Superman vs. the Justice League (Zack Snyder's Justice League 2021)

When the Justice League runs out of options, they decide to bring the Man of Steel back to life. After grave robbing his body and bringing it to the Kryptonian ship at Lexcorp, the League is successful in resurrecting Superman. Except Superman has no idea who or where he is, resulting in an epic battle between the team and a very primal Superman. Seeing Superman keep up with the Flash’s speed gives me goosebumps every time. This scene is in both versions of Justice League, but Snyder's version just packs that extra punch.


5. Rorschach Goes to Prison (Watchmen 2009)

The vigilante Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley) is framed and locked up with a bunch of the criminals (who now know who he is, after being unmasked). After an extremely dark and revealing flashback, Rorschach is released into the crowd where his fellow inmates target him. But he quickly lets them know “I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me!” and then proves it by splashing a pan of boiling hot grease on one criminal's face and body. Ouch!


4. Superman Kills Joker (Injustice 2021)

Superman is known as the All-American (alien) Superhero, but after the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane and all of Metropolis, Superman gives up on his rule to not kill. In fact, he becomes a fearless tyrant and murders anyone who does not follow his law (starting with the Joker). It was amazing to finally see the boy scout hero become the overpowered bad guy. But that Joker, he always gets the last laugh.


3. “How about a magic trick?” (The Dark Knight 2008)

When Joker (Heath Ledger) decides to confront the Gotham mob at its source, he introduces himself with a magic trick. By making a pencil disappear into a goon's skull. It’s the first time Joker is in full make-up and his iconic purple suit (that manages to stay subtle and sexy) and her certainly makes an impression. This, and many more scenes in the film, are why Heath Ledger is and always will be the best Joker ever.


2. The Whole Squad Dies

(The Suicide Squad 2021)

SPOILERS: After getting hyped for certain characters shown in the trailers like Blackguard (Pete Davidson) and Savant (Michael Rooker) and then watching them all die violently and quickly as a distraction for the local military for the REAL suicide squad, I was hit with many an emotion. I was shocked. Angry. Ecstatic. As pissed as I was i the moment, it was the ultimate twist from director James Gunn for fans like myself who had a very, very wrong idea of what this movie would turn out to be. Bravo, James. Bravo.


1. The Flash Reverses Time to Save the World

(Zack Snyder's Justice League 2021)

The ending to Joss Whedon’s 2017 Justice League was anticlimactic, to say the least. So when the VERY extended cut was released it was amazing to see the true climax of the film. Here our heroes actually fail; Darkseid succeeds in destroying the earth. But this gives the Flash his opportunity to flex how powerful he truly is. In a jaw-dropping sequence, Barry Allen reverses time to prevent the destruction of the planet and save the day. The visuals in this scene are aesthetically incomparable to any other speedster slow motion scene.(And there had been A LOT!) And gives the FOUR HOUR runtime of Snyder's cut a fitting climax.


Alexander Williams

Goof Writer


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