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This month's Mad Ones are the pair behind the Big & Small Media Podcast: Zachary Schmitt and Darren Mangold. Friends since high school, these two decided to put their collective talents and knowledge together to bring you exciting new content!


Zachary Schmitt is an entrepreneur who has done everything from social work to graphic design. But he has always had a knack for gaming. That’s why he started his YouTube Channel Saiyan Cthulhu Entertainment. The channel is devoted to video game walk throughs, tutorials, and experimental first time gaming experiences. Zachary’s channel was among the first to review new titles and beta tests like Fall Guys, Mortal Shell, and Among Us. Zachary always stays at the forefront of gaming news and releases. He has partnered with Muscle Lizard Gaming on multiple occasions and has even guest written articles for The Holy Goof.


Darren Mangold is a film, music, and physical fitness enthusiast with a gifted knowledge of computer technologies who has been working in the tech industry for over 10 years. Nowadays, Darren uses his energies to produce content for Muscle Lizard Gaming - a multimedia endeavor focusing on film, tech, and fitness.

The Big & Small Media Podcast is the fruits of their labor. A brand new, multifaceted podcast that delves into everything you could think of: pop culture, film, gaming, fitness tips, comic books, etc. The Big & Small Media Podcast is an exciting new way to experience and discuss all of your favorite topics and even features special guests, including The Holy Goof’s very own Brett E. Niethamer. Certain episodes even feature their own corresponding video podcast.


Check out the video podcast for their episode discussing the film Godzilla vs. Kong here.


Or click on the picture below to go straight to their podcast page on Anchor to listen to any of their episodes.

Posdact Logo.png
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