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Abbie Davidson

Abbie Davidson is a creative writer and photographer based in New Jersey. You can contact Abbie and see more of her works on her website by clicking here.

2 wolves and a sheep (1).JPG

2 wolves and a sheep

Most people show anger when they are scared.
A bigger version of themselves.
Teeth snarling through thin lips.
Like hungry wolves.
Throats open, eyes wide, straining.
Minds closed.
Protecting themselves from being wrong.
Fingers gnawed to the bone.
Pointing in every direction but their own.

I never understood.
Yes, I have felt the burn of fear and anger.
Rise through my stomach,
Up and into my throat.
Only to be swallowed by a cool sip of air.
Desperately disconnecting myself
From the egos burdening wrongdoing.


To save myself.
To let myself see clearly.
This world is not mine
These people can’t see me,
My insides.
The grace of inhaling delivers salvation.
In order to attempt to understand
The complexities of another’s insides,
I must inhale.
For that is what I care most about.


even the sky is beautiful (1).JPG

Even When the Sky is beautiful


Even when the sky is beautiful
and the air feels crisp and alive
I can’t find the words
to express how I feel
Time is slowly creeping
slipping through unconscious fingertips
Only to be reminded
in a single glass of wine
how many autumns have passed
I love you
I want each moment to swell for you
For me too.



Silence is a killer


They say,
silence is a killer
But they don’t know
the loudness they’ll never hear
I try to free myself
Only too feel foolish
retracting back
into myself
Swallowing the embers
of my emotions
faking a smile
“You’ve been quiet” they say



 But my mind,
 It hasn’t shut up.

silence is a killer (1).JPG
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